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~~Mystic's Book of Shadows~~

Here is some information about me... Mystic Merlyn

Hobbies :: I enjoy doing astrological and dream interpretations,
I design websites, write children's short stories,like
paranormal subjects. Since a child have been visited by
deceased family and friends in dreams and on this earthly plane.

Have seen apparations, manifestations,orbs,and can sense cold
and warm spots! I act as a medium by various means such as:
tarot, automatic writing, ouija, seances, pendulum, cold readings!

Personal Bio :: I am a medium with shaman traits;
animal healer, I can interpret dreams and have visions
that appear as small movie clips.

My religious foundation is based in Roman Catholic,
Christianity. I consider myself wiccan with pagan tendecies.

Here are some of my 'Special Gifts':

clairvoyant** having or claiming to have the power of seeing
objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision.
Synonyms: psychic, telepathic, prescient, second-sighted,
visionary; intuitive, empathic; predictive, prophetic.

clairaudience**: the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond
the reach of ordinary experience or capacity,
as the voices of the dead

Clairsentience** (also know as psychometry) is the ability to hold
an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person.
Clairsentience has also been called 'Empathic'
Empathic** of, pertaining to, or characterized by empathy:
a sensitive, empathetic school counselor.

Clairessence** is the ability to smell things not
technically present at that time.
Clairessence can also be used to detect illness.
For instance, dogs are particularly well-known
for being able to smell disease in humans.

Channeler**: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source
believed to be outside the person's body or conscious mind;
specifically : one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

**Information from

Short Version of The Wiccan Rede

Ride the wiccan law ye must,
in perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the wiccan rede fulfill:
an ye harm none, do as ye will.
And ever mind the rule of three
what ye send out, comes back to thee
follow this with mind and heart,
and merry ye meet and merry ye part.

If looking for the The Long version of The Wiccan Rede

Blessings & Thanks:
Asia and Scared .. some spiritual friends from
Magical Meandering.

My Book of Shadows

I store them on Magical Meanderings for they
are password protected. Not all of these spells,
rituals and chants should be seen by the public
Here are just a few of the spells I use in
my Craft

Angel Protection Ritual

Prepare your altar with three pink candles,
one brown candle, and incense of lavender
and vanilla. On the first day, light one pink
candle; then light one pink candle per day for
the remaining two days. On the fourth day, light
the brown candle. Each day before lighting the candles,
light both incense sticks. Repeat this each time you
light a candle:

Angels, I invite you to join me at my altar.
I ask that you will protect me, my family, friends,
pets, and property. I ask that you keep away thieves,
troublemakers, and anyone form else with evil purposes
in mind. I thank you truly for your continued protection
and friendship.

Allow the candles to burn down in a safe place until
they extinguish themselves.

~Sheri Richerson

I gathered this excellent information from
starfeather from The Goddess Within -
A Pagan Place For Women

Big thanks for she has been helping me
and I love the angelic communication.

Angelic Quarter Call

To the East Palms Outward after a Slight Bow:

O' Lord,Thou art holy indeed: the fountain of
all Holiness. In the name of Light arising do
we summon thy Holy Raphael, Heavenly Physician,
Guardian of Air, to witness this rite and bring
healing of minds and souls and bodies.

Bringing palms together bowing and turning a
quarter to next compass point.

To the South (same as above):

O' Lord, Thou art holy indeed: the fountain
of all holiness. In the name of Light increasing
do we summon thy holy Michael, Protector,
Wielder of the Fiery Sword, to witness this
rite and protect us in our hour of need.

Bow and turn to next compass point as previously stated.
To the West (same as above):
O Lord, Thou art holy indeed: the fountain of
all holiness. In the name of Light descending
do we summon thy holy Gabriel, Thy Herald of the Heavens
and Lord of Water, to witness this rite and carry our
supplications to our Merciful Lady.

Bowing turning to the north

To the North:
O Lord, Thou art holy indeed: the fountain of
all holiness. In the name of Light returning do
we summon thy holy Uriel, Lord of the Earth and Conveyer
of Souls, to witness this rite but to take only fear
from this place. All this if it be Thy Will.

Turning back to the East throwing up arms:
Now do we stand outside time, in a place not
of earth. As our ancestors before us bade,
we join together and are one. Amen.

Selah. So be it.

All Bannishing spells go here.

Banish Anger
Banish Debt
Banish Depression
Banish Negative Energy from a House
Boomerang Spell
Bothersome Neighbors Go Away
Break a Bad Habit
Realization Spell
Return a Hex
Reversing Negative Psychic Energy
Reversing a Candle Spell
Stop Slander and Gossip Spell

Spell to Banish Anger

This spell is performed beside flowing water.
Anything from a small stream to a mighty
river will do.

Ground and center as in other spells.
Cast a circle by imagining a glowing circle
of light surrounding you. Take a black stone
and cup it in your hands. Raise it to your
forehead, concentrating all of your anger
and projecting it into the stone.

Throw it as hard as you can into a body
water, saying:

With this stone
Anger be gone.
Water bind it,
No one find it.
Ground or earth the power you drew upon
at the beginning of the spell and open
the circle.

To Banish Debt


A piece of rolled parchment 2
inches wide and as long as you like.
One black pen.
One purple candle.
Oil of your choice.
Incense of your choice.

Suggested Correspondences:

Moon: Full (for more power) Dark (to banish)
Day: Monday (Family)
or Saturday (banish)
or Sunday (Success).

Planet: Moon (for family)
Saturn (to banish)
Sun (Success)
or Mars (fast action)
Uranus (change)

Planetary Hour: Same as above
Astrological Placement:
Moon in Aquarius (optional)
Deity: Juno (Goddess of Gold)
Elements: Air
Elemental: Sylphs

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies
with the four elements (earth, air, fire,
and water). List all your debts on the parchment.

Draw a banishing pentacle on the back of the parchment.

Carve a banishing pentacle on the candle.
Place the rolled parchment in the candle
holder then tighten candle on top.

Think of banishing your debts.
Think of the feeling of happiness
and relief when the debts are banished.

Light the candle. Take the candle to the
East quarter and ask that the Sylphs send
your message of banishment out to the
universe in a safe and protective way,
and ask that prosperity return to you in
the same manner. Put the candle back on the
altar and, in your own words, ask Juno
to banish the debt and replace with
prosperous energy.

Allow the candle to burn completely.
The paper will catch fire, so watch
what type of holder you are using
(glass will break) and that the candle
holder is on a fire safe surface.

As the candle burns, concentrate on
banishing your debts, your feelings
of relief and happiness, and the
coming prosperity.

Ritual for Banishing Depression

Timing: Start this ritual on a Saturday
during the waning or dark moon.


Goddess candle -- White, once at center
of the altar, or two at the back.

Banishing Candle -- Black, placed at
the left front of the altar.v
Invoking Candle -- Pink or red, placed
at the right of the altar.

Incense -- Sage, cedar, rosemary or pine
at the beginning of the ritual, changed
later to rose or amber. Burn loose herbs
on charcoal blocks to do this.

Oils -- Use Goddess or Altar oil on the
Goddess candle; sage, pine or other
banishing oil on the banishing candle;
and rose oil on the invoking candle
and for self-blessing.

Symbol Objects -- Use a black gemstone
for banishing, and a piece of rose
quartz or a rose quartz pendant
for invoking. Place the pendant
on the altar and put it on before
doing the self-blessing.

Matches to light candles and incense.
charcoal blocks for loose incense.
ritual wand (if used) to cast the circle.

Light candles -- "Dress" the candles with
the oils, working base to tip, (away from you)
for the banishing candle and tip to base
(towards you) for the invoking candle
and the Goddess candles. Visualize the intent,
banishing depression when handling
the banishing candle, and invoking
joy and self-love while "dressing"
the Goddess and invoking candles.

Light only the Goddess candles at this time.

Purify -- Start the charcoal block and
give it time to heat up. Sprinkle loose
herbs of sage, cedar, rosemary or pine
on the hot coal and use the smoke for
purifying. Visualize the intent of the ritual,
at this point visualize banishing
depression and emotional pain,
while smudging with the smoke.

Then light the black candle from the
Goddess candle.

Cast circle/invoke a Crone Goddess
or Goddesses to help in banishing,
and a Goddess of gentleness and peace
for the invoking part of the ritual.

Try Kali the Destroyer or Hecate for
banishing, and Kwan Yin for gentleness
and invoking. Use Goddesses for the five
elements or these two aspects only,
or whatever feels right. do a full
casting and invoking to make the circle,
or as informal invitation to
the aspects and elements.

Invocation -- Say:

Dear mothers of wisdom and grace,
I invite you here to ask your help.
I refuse my depression
and choose to banish it,
and ask instead for joy
and peace of mind.
Help me in my work tonight,
Kali and Kwan Yin.

Body of ritual -- Focus on the flame
of the black candle, thinking of all
the things that need changing.
Remember fully all the reasons for
depression and pain, acknowledge
all your anger, all your rage,
and all your fear. Dwell on every hurt,
every feeling, every negativity.
When you have focused them all onto
the candle, shout "NO!" and blow
the candle out in a decisive,
quick motion. Watch the smoke rise
from the extinguished candle,
and feel all the negativity dissolving
in the rising air.

Breathe the banishing incense for awhile.

Now lighting the invoking candle.
Do it from the Goddess candle,
and sprinkle rose incense on the
charcoal block. Let the light of the
pink candle and the fragrance of the
rose incense fill you as you watch and
breathe them.

Breathe the energies in deeply,
remembering the qualities of Kwan Yin,
or other Goddesses of mercy invoked in
the ritual. Ask Kwan Yin for her
presence and help.

Focus on the candle flame and think
of all the good things in your life.
Refill each banished item and negativity
with some positive attribute; where
there was pain before, replace it with love.
For every wrong remember something to
give thanks for; for every pain
remember something joyful.

Remember your accomplishments in life,
how good a woman you really are.
Do a series of affirmations, "I am" or
"I have", to list your good qualities
and the qualities you choose to become or gain.

Continue stating the positives and
affirmations untill you feel filled
with pink light and the scent of roses.

Self-blessing -- Put on the rose quartz
pendant or hold the rose quartz stone.
Do your favorite self-blessing ritual
slowly and lovingly, anointing your
chakras with the rose oil.

Breathe the scent deeply and draw it
into your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Thank Kwan Yin for your joy and Kali
for her energy of change.

Open circle/ground.

Allow the pink candle to burn out itself,
or extinguish and relight it nightly until
at least the next Full Moon. Do affirmations
nightly with the flame. Continue burning pink
candles for as long as needed to remind
you of new joy and positive attitude.

Repeat the ritual on the next waning
moon if needed; it will be needed less each
time you do it. Each time, bury the remains
of the black candle in the earth, along with
the ashes from the incense; visualize your
pain being buried and recycled with them.

Repeat the self-blessing at any time,
and do it often, at least every New and
Full Moon. Continue wearing the rose
quartz pendant, or carry a piece of the
stone with you at all times.

Remember you are Goddess

Spell to Banish Negative
Energy from a House

Take four black candles and put them at
each of the cardinal points of your house.
Next to each candle put a piece of onyx
or lodestone or a piece of magnetized iron.

Light the four candles and see them sucking
up all the negative energy in the house
and channeling it back into the earthv through the stones.

Next take a stick of incense
(frankincense or sandalwood is best)
and draw a banishing pentagram of
Earth at each window, wall, door and
corner of your house.

(To draw a banishing pentagram of Earth:
start at lower left then up to top then
down to right then across to upper left
point and back to upper right point and
finish at lower left point.)

Visualize the negative energy being
pushed beyond the pentagram and locked
outside as you complete it.

After the candles have burned a bit
and you feel that the have absorbed the
negative energies bury them outside
around the house (in the four directions).

Leave the stones where they are, and
visualize them as a spiritual electric
fence that keeps the negative energy or
pesky spirits from coming back in.

Boomerang Spell

To reverse any negativity or hex being
sent your way, anoint a purple candle
with Rosemary oil. On a piece of white
paper write the following in black ink:
" All blocks are now removed."

Fold the paper three times.
Light the candle and burn the paper
in a bowl, ashtray or any fireproof dish.
Invoke the power of fire and it's
elemental spirits. Repeat three times:

Firedrakes and salamanders,
aid me in my quest,
protect me from all evil forms,
turn back the negativity being sent.
After the third repetition say:

So mote it be.

Bothersome Neighbors Go Away

There's often one family in every neighborhood
that simply causes trouble for others,
no matter how people try to get along with them.
Perhaps they have loud parties almost
every night or children who torment
neighborhood pets or bully other children.

When you've honestly tried everything else,
here's a spell to help them find a better place
to live: a place away from you where they
will be happier with their neighborhood.

Find a green candle, one large enough
to burn 30 minutes a day for at least
a week. Make up a short chant something like this:

Bothersome neighbors go away,
find a much better place to stay.
A place where you will be happy,
I will be happy,
and all around you will be happy.
An affordable place, a nice place,
A much better place to stay
So long as it is far from me and mine.
Bothersome neighbors go away.

It'd be better to make up your own,
especially if you can personalize it to
the people in question. Just make it positive
and upbeat. The idea here is that you are
helping these folks find something better
than they have now and helping yourself
to peace and quiet at the same time.

You'll also need paper and colored

Each night light your candle (cast a circle
first if you want one), imagining the
flame as a spark in their mind which
will lead them to a new home.

Then sit down an stare into the flame
for 5-10 minutes concentrating
on your desire that they find a new,
better place to live where they
will be happy and annoy no one.

Then take up your pen and paper and
draw while chanting your chant.
Stick figure art is okay if that
is the best you can do.

The first night draw your neighbor's
(current) house with them doing the
annoying types of things they do.

Make it complete even if it's simple art.
Put in the trees, windows, and the like.
When you are done, wait for the end
of the 30 minutes, concentrating on
the candle flame and your goal.

Fold the paper up and tear it to small shreds.
Put out your candle (and close your circle
if you created one. Save the torn scraps of paper.

On each night for the rest of the week,
repeat the ritual, but the art will change.
On the second day, draw them excited and
happy in front of their current house --
because they've found a better one.

For the rest of the week, draw them
carrying various stuff out of their
current house (as if they were moving).

The key thing here is only show there
current house. You don't want to
limit possibilities by drawing a
new house for them.

After you've done this a week,
put all of the scraps of paper and
some of the tail end of the candle
in an envelope and bury it or hide
it on the property line between their
place and yours. If you've used large
sheets of paper, you only need to
include a portion from each if you
need to keep the envelope small.

Note that a spell like this can take a
while to take effect. Most people do
not pack up and move overnight

To Break a Bad Habit

This spell is to be started in the waning
cycle of the Moon and repeated every Monday
for seven weeks. Begin during the hour of the Moon.


an astral candle for the Petitioner
white day candle
three light blue candles inscribed "patience"
three green candles inscribed "health"
one of the following incenses: bay or thyme
or juniper berries with rosemary
one of the following oils: cinnamon,
myrtle, and olive oil or carnation,
rosemary, and sandalwood.

Your key words for this spell will
be "no more". You will also need

a poppet stuffed with verbena
(vervain) and cloves;
a brown wool or brown silk
ribbon (21 inches long)
a dish

The Poppet, representing the Petitioner,
should be made ahead of time and stuffed
with verbena and cloves. Breathe deeply
and build your ball of protective light.

Before performing this spell take a bath
with frankincense, rose geranium, and rosemary
or clove, or frankincense, rosemary,
and sandalwood oils and/or herbs.

While soaking in your ritual bath,
meditate on the whole ritual,
concentrating on being free of the bad habit.

Enter the Circle in the hour of the Moon
on the first Monday and stand,
kneel, or sit before the altar.
Light the incense. When the Oil,
dress the Altar Candles and the Day
Candle, while concentrating on the
purpose of the ritual. Light your taper;
then from that, light the Altar
Candles and Day Candle. State your intent:

I am here to help overcome a bad habit;
to gain full control of my life
and to live it to the full,
with love and enjoyment.
With an Awl, inscribe the Petitioner's
name on the Astral Candle, then dress
the candle with Oil. With your taper,
light the Petitioner Candle and say:

This is me, who has the strength
to overcome all negativity.
Let my spirit burn as surely
as does this flame;
a symbol of the inner strength
that will prevail in all things.

Take up the Censer and swing it,
censing the whole area around the altar,
while rhythmically repeating the key words
"No More!" and building up the energy
to that focus. Replace the Censer.
Take up the Poppet and hold it in
the smoke of the Censer. Say:

I name this Poppet (your name).
It is me in every way.
Anything I do to this Poppet
I do to myself.
With the length of wool or ribbon,
bind the Poppet, tying its arms and
legs tightly to the body. Again hold
the Poppet in the smoke of the incense.

Here is me as I am now;
bound by a habit that I would break.
As time passes,
the bonds will fall away and I will be free.

Place the Poppet on the left side of
the candles. With the Awl, inscribe the
Light Blue #1 Candle with the word

"Patience". Dress it with oil. Light the
Light Blue #1 Candle and say:

Here do I light the first Lamp of Patience,
knowing that a long-held habit
cannot be broken overnight.
May this light ease the burden of
the habit that is still strong.
With the Awl, inscribe the Green #1
Candle with the word "Health".
Dress it with Oil. Light the Green #1
Candle and say:

Here is the Health that will be
improving as the habit is lost.
It will grow and burn steadily as the flame,
bringing peace and joy to me.

With the Awl, inscribe the Light
Blue #2 Candle with the word "Patience".
Dress it with Oil. Light the Light
Blue #2 Candle and say:

Here do I light the second lamp of Patience,
knowing that a long-held habit
cannot be broken overnight.
May this light add to the first
and ease the burden of the
habit that is still strong.
With the Awl, inscribe the Green
#2 Candle with the word "Health".
Dress it with Oil. Light the Green #2
Candle and say:

Here is the Health that will be
improving as the habit is lost.
It will grow and burn steadily as these flames,
bringing peace and joy to me.
With the Awl, inscribe the Light
Blue #3 Candle with the word "Patience".
Dress it with Oil. Light the Light Blue #3
Candle and say:

Here do I light the third Lamp of Patience, knowing that a long-held habit
cannot be broken overnight.
May these three lights ease
the burden of the habit
that is still strong.

With the Awl, inscribe the Green #3
Candle with the word "Health".

Dress it with Oil. Light the Green #3
Candle and say:

Here is the total Health that
improves as the habit flees.
It grows and burns steadily,
bringing peace and joy to me.
Take up the Censer and swing it,
again censing the whole area around
the altar, while rhythmically
repeating the Key Words "No More!"
and building up the energy to that
focus. Replace the Censer.

Sit quietly in meditation, seeing
yourself free of the habit and living
happily in love and enjoyment.
Extinguish the candles in reverse order.

For the following weeks, repeat the
ritual leaving the Poppet bound, on
the left side of the candles, as it
was after the first time through the ritual.
Simply repeat the section as follows:

Hold the Poppet in the smoke
of the incense. Say:

Here I am as I am now,
bound by a habit that I would break.
As time passes the bonds will fall away
and I will be free.
Lay the Poppet on the left of the Candles.

On the final week, repeat the ritual,
but when you light the Light Blue #3 Candle, say:

Here do I light the third Lamp of Patience
knowing that the long-held habit of (name)
is finally broken.
May the light from these lamps
shine forward on a life of love and joy!
Take up the Poppet and unbind it. Say:

Here once again am I,
now free and unencumbered.
The habit has gone and
life is full and happy once again.

Lay the ribbon/wool in the dish and burn it.
With the Awl, inscribe the Green #3
Candle with the word "Health".
Dress it with Oil. Light the Green #3
Candle and say:

Here is the total Health
now complete and whole.
The habit is fled;
gone never to return.
As these candles burn steadily,
so my life is steady and robust,
with peace, joy and love.
Take up the Censer and cense
the entire area. Sit quietly
and contemplate life without
the habit, knowing it to be full,
healthy, and happy.

Extinguish the candles in reverse order

Realization Spell

Write the person's name and what they
have done to you on a small piece of paper.
Light this paper from an alter candle
and drop it to burn away in the cauldron.
Stand before the altar, the ashes in
your right hand, and say:

Wolf and horse, old signs of might.
Lend your strength to me this night.
The pain and grief they so easily give,
Must be returned so they may live,
To know and feel what they have done,
And change their ways, with harm to none.
Send back the pain, teach them this night,
And help them to do what they know is right.
Throw the ashes to the winds, knowing
that they will realize what
they have done to you.

To Return a Hex

Light three black candles, and as they
burn, speak this charm for thrice return:

Broken this spell, broken this curse,
By these candles, by this verse.
Reflected back, three times three,
Your hexes have no effect on me.
Curse return, by candles three,
Burn away and set me free.
Live and learn, crash and burn,
Three times three, this hex return.
With harm to none, this lesson be told;
Whatever is sent out, returns three-fold.

Allow the candles to burn themselves out.
Do this five nights in a row, during the
Waxing Moon, at dusk - as the sun dies
and darkness descends

Reversing Negative Psychic Energy

This spell is done on Tuesday nights,
right before you retire. Do for at least
nine Tuesdays in a row. You can also
make it a weekly ritual.


1 large red votive candle
Run Devil Run incense
Reversible oil
A saucer or plate, plain white,
reserved for this use only.
Anoint the red candle from middle
to top then middle to bottom,
concentrate on reversing all
negative psychic messages sent
to you, back to their senders.
(Try not to visualize anyone,
just the negativity being reversed
away from you.) Light the incense.
You can also carve that desire into
the candle with an awl or knive.
Take the wick out of the candle,
remove it from the metal weight
at the bottom. Now turn it around
and replace back into the candle.
Reversing the wick.
Place it on the white plate.

Light the candle and continue the
visualization for 7 minutes.
Let candle burn itself out while you
sleep. Make sure your candle is in
a safe place. In the morning you
can scry in the wax to find out
who is sending you the negativity.
Or you can just toss it!
Who really wants to know anyway?

Ritual for Reversing
a Candle Spell

Perform this 5 nights in a row, at dusk
- as the sun dies and darkness descends.

Light two black candles and as
they burn, speak this invocation:

In the name of the Gods and all ye spirits,
In the name of Kernunnos, and
the light and the dark
and the Gods of the Netherworld,
Remove thy curse and sting from my
heart and mine.
And whosoever shall be casting
a curse against me,
Let he or she suffer their own curse.
Let these candles be their candles,
This burning be their burning,
This curse be their curse.
Let the pain they have caused
me and mine Fall upon themselves.
The two candles are completely
burned each night.

Stop Slander and Gossip Spell

Begin this spell on monday night
of a waning moon. Burn a black candle.
While the candle is burning,
repeat this verse 9 times:

Let these fools be silenced
May their babble be cancelled
May peace be mine, now and evermore
Do this for 7 nights.

All these spells came from...

Blessings &
Peace Be With You,
Mystic Merlyn

Banish An Evil Spirit

You Will Need:
Sea Salt
5 Black Candles
The Spell:
Draw a pentagram in the floor using Sea Salt.

Take the black candles and place
them at the five points of the pentagram.

As you light each of them imagine that
the flame is creating a wall of protection
on that side of you. Sit at the centre
of the pentagram.

Concentrate on your wish to
banish the evil spirit.

Chant 13 times:

"Ashes to ashes
Spirit to spirit
take this soul
Banish this evil!"

Snuff out the candles starting from
the upper right point of the pentagram (Water),
so that the last one to snuff out is
the one that symbolizes the Spirit.

Thanks jaxxar from MM

Banish Bad Memories
Group spell

You will need:
Yellow candles
Kamea of sol
A box of any shape, or size
A solar incense

Optional: Music of a childlike nature
(may enhance atmosphere)
This is a rite is used to rid oneself
of potentially damaging block, or
denied memories- "The premise for
this rite is that we all have blocked
memories in ourselves, that we either won't,
or can't face.

They may include everything from being
teased at school by our 'friends' to emotional,
physical, or mental abuse by parents,
loved ones, etc.

The purpose of this rite is to draw
these hidden memories up into a closed
box, open it in a manner similar to the
Pandora myth, and meet, greet, and make
peace with the memories, as they can be
very detrimental to one's ego
growth if kept hidden.

Instead of finding hope in our boxes
though, we will find acceptance,
and peace with oneself, and one's past."

This rite is good for anyone, even
those who assume they have had
perfect childhoods.

You don't always realize the past
is dragging you down until it is too
late, and you would be amazed by
what you can find out about yourself!


The box should have a lid.
Paint the inside glossy black,
or line it with an irregular reflective
surface, such as aluminium foil.

The outside should be decorated
with any drawings, pictures, or
whatever one may want to help
evoke a childlike state of mind,
and to help trigger childhood memories.

Start with an opening of any sort
you feel comfortable with. Light
candles and incense as desired.

State the intent:

"It is my will to greet my past, and
accept it for what it is."

Recite the invocation:

"I call the past to meet the present,
that the future may be bright.
I bring myself forth from the dark,
and hold me to the light.
Let not the past control my present,
let not my future be dark as night.
I meet and greet me with open arms,
and move back into the light."

At this point, one person sits in
the centre of the group with their box,
keeping it closed.

She focuses on the box while the rest
of the participants circle around,
teasing, insulting, degrading her.

At this point, the teasing should
not be too personal.
When she reaches gnosis, she opens
the box, and gazes inside,
seeing whatever she sees.

At this point, the taunting should
reach a more personal, and vicious attitude.

This continues until they
close their box again.

The box then is dealt with
in whatever manner she sees fit.
It can be destroyed, left open
in a spot of sunlight, kept for
future uses, as it may be a good
idea to do this more than once.

When the first person is finished,
another takes her place,
until the entire group has a turn.
Banish by laughter and embraces.
may wisdom guide you on your path!
Thanks jaxxar from MM

Tie Tongue Spell

This spell will help stop and
protect you from someone gossiping
or spreading rumours about you.

You Will Need:

A Piece Of Red Felt
Black Embroidery Thread
A Black Marker
An empty Jar (with A Lid)
A Needle

The Spell:

In a sacred space, cleanse,
consecrate and empower all
items for protection.

Make a big tongue out of the felt,
and cut it out, next write the
persons name who is gossiping
or spreading rumours about you
onto the tongue with the black marker.
If you don't know who the culprit is write
"whoever is spreading gossip"

Take the embroidery thread and
sew along your lines of writing,
with each stitch say:
"I tie your tongue,
you nasty one, so you can
harm no more"

When you have finished
cut the thread and say:
"I push your evil away from me,
whatever you sent to me,
goes back three"

Tie the tongue into a
big knot and say:
"Guardian angel, please protect
me from this persons gossip,
Send back their negative energy"
Put the tongue in the jar;
seal it with the lid and say:

"I confine your evil to yourself,
may spirit help you deal
with your own low self esteem"

Keep the jar in a safe place,
and if the person ever bothers
you again, open the jar and
do the spell a second time.


This is a Chart I for helping
me in what direction I cast my circle
depending on what I am doing and
which element I am using in my
spells or Rituals.

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