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Dreams are manifestations of our waking thoughts
and emotional issues.

Throughout the night, you are constantly dreaming
of a variety of subject matter. These dreams are
associated with daily routine activities and
unexplained situational occurrences. To explain these
dreaming sequences one must first understand that
dreams occur from the onset of sleep to the waking

To better understand the concept of dreams, one must
understand the pattern of sleep. First, sleep has a
pattern in which it follows nightly. This sleep pattern is
formed by an individual's sleep routine. However, all
people have the same sleep stages but different patterns
within the stage depending on their own daily schedule.

These sleep stages are broken down into specific categories.
The first category is sleep stage one. In this stage, the dreamer
begins to fall a sleep. Rapid thoughts are racing
through one's mind and is why so many people can
recall their dreams. This pattern of sleep encompasses Alpha waves.

All people travel through three different brain waves
while they sleep. These brain waves are Alpha, Beta
and Delta and according to the specific
sleep stage. I will describe in detail the other two
remaining brain wave patterns, Beta and Delta.

Next, in stage Two the dreamer has been sleeping
for sometime and dreams are flowing quickly past
and the individual is relaxing and breathing is very
constant with a rhythmic pattern. In this stage,
Alpha waves move into Delta Waves. The Delta
waves are very constant and with a specific pattern
directed towards the individual' s sleep pattern.

Alpha and Delta waves are constant in all sleep
stages but the difference comes in how long each
one last in each stage. So, one may start with
Alpha waves and that may last a very short time
in lets say 20 minutes to a half hour. Once, a clear
breathing pattern has been established than the
sleeper will progress into the Delta wave and
may last again for a half hour to 45 minutes.

The dreamer will have a many dreams in this
state but will be very confusing and without
a specific concept or idea.

In stage Three, the dreamer is now in the middle
of his sleep cycle and his deepest sleep will come
into his sleep. While still going through Alpha
waves on the onset of this stage, the dreamer
also travels through their Delta waves but in
a quicker fashion. During this stage a constant
wave transformation going back and forth between
Alpha and Delta, something new happens and this is
what dreamers call REM.

REM is known as 'Rapid Eye Movement'. During
the third stage REM appears right before the onset of
the Fourth stage. It is during REM that most dreamers
recall very vivid dreams and may describe in detail
the dream to others. During this very important stage,
REM produces very strong Beta waves which cause
our conscious mind to become more alert to our

Finally, in the Fourth stage, the dreamer may return to
the previous stage Two with the same Alpha and
Delta waves. During this stage, which is very
similar to the second stage the dreamer may become
awaken and more conscious of their environment.
Also during this stage, the cycle may repeat itself
jumping back to sleep stage One, sleep stage Two
or even sleep stage Three and even REM. Thus,
the sleep cycle continues throughout the night.

Everyone is different and so too is their sleep
pattern and if one becomes sick or can not sleep
because of stress or other health problems then
the brain may have to adjust staying in one stage
longer than the other stages.

Dreams are utilized throughout time to describe
any type of daily activity and event. To really
know yourself, you must know and understand
your dreams. The best way to understand your
dreams, I recommend writting in a dream journal.

Every morning, write down something you dream
or an emotion, or feeling you awoke with from
your slumber. Than after some time, go back and
review see if anything you written make sense
latter on down your life.

I have a natural ability to recall dreams from
a very early age till adulthood. I am able to
remember and recall the finest detail associated
with any dream specifically lucid or prophetic
dream. I have experienced very strange/prophetic and
vivid dreams. This has awakens my
inborn ability to be a dream teacher and
interpreter. My ability to recall very strange
and powerful dreams have aided friends and
family when a possible tragedy could of taken
place. This ability is God given and has taken
me years to understand. I am constantly learning
new reasons and techniques for bettering my dream
realm. If someone would to ask you who is this man,
Mystic Merlyn?

The first descriptive phrase
that would present itself would be as follows:
He is a prophetic dreamer, and very understandable
in dream interpretations.

Take care, Please let me assist you on you Life Path
within your waking dreams of your mind.

Dreaming is a way for your imagination to blossom
and grow to your fullest potential as a human.

In closing, let me leave with a poem
I wrote in 1992:

In days of future past,
time is unimaginable from
time yet imagined.
Daydreams of yesterday
slide through my fingertips
as past memories slide by in
a twinkling of an eye.

In a momentary lapse of
recognition familiar sounds
engulf my awaiting ears;
stillness occurs with a
gail of silence.
From the onset of reality to
the disbelief of fantasy,reality
sometimes appears as fantasy;whereas,
dreams intertwine fantasy and reality.

Enjoy and lets share some of your dreams with me.
E-mail me and please describe in best detail your
dream which you want interpreted. You may become
surprise what you may uncover about yourself.

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Peace and In God's Love,
Mystic Merlyn

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