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I have these 'New' beaded items
which I use too.

Just In..
Check out these
8mm assorted beaded bracelets set
including bracelet and matching ear rings.

Plus these 8mm assorted beaded ear rings.

Check out these bracelets..
Mystic has been searching and found these
very beautiful and mystical braclets.
The gems and stones are all of very
good quality. These bracelets fits most
wrists, and also can be used as anglets
and in other ways too..

In addition with all orders there is a
service and handeling fee and will be
added into the actual cost.
All items will have an additional
$5.00 to cover the shipping and handling fee.
Updates to this page will be forth coming..

Assorted Power 8MM beaded braclets $10.00

Hematite bracelets are now on
back order.. Out of Stock

Hematite Beaded Bracelets $10.00
Please note: Hematite is noted to be
associated with blood. In woman, wearing
this bracelet should not be worn if
menstruating or pregnant. Hematite is
linked to being a blood thinner agent.

Physical Healing
As mentioned above, mineral and crystal healers
associate Hematite with blood and use it in their
rituals for treating blood-related illnesses such
as hemophilia, anemia, heart, kidney and liver diseases,
cardio-vascular weakness, menstrual cramps, and nose bleeds.
They also recommend it for use in treating the stress
of jet lag, birth and surgery, tumors, insomnia, leg cramps,
nervous disorders and fevers.

Hematite was also a Native American
remedy for dental problems, pimples,
canker sores and alcohol abuse.

Mental Healing
Crystal healers credit Hematite with the ability
to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory,
mental focus and concentration, bolster self-confidence,
and increase the effectiveness of logical processes
of the brain. Considered by followers of the New Age
to be an excellent stone for treating mental stress,
Hematite has a reputation for helping people bring
order to mentally chaotic situations by drawing tension
out of the body, neutralizing negativity and releasing anger.

They also recognize its power for increasing mental
function and believe it can improve memory,
mathematical processes, logic, creativity and
mental dexterity. Finally, it is an excellent
aid in meditation, recognized by healers for
calming the mental state, tuning the consciousness
and increasing the pathways that lead to inner knowledge.

Amethyst 8mm Beaded Bracelets $15.00

Amethyst has come to be known as a power crystal
with prolific healing powers which can be
characterized as purifying, pacifying and
transitional. Amethyst has the ability to transform
lower energies into higher and acts as a healer
at all levels of mind, body and spirit.

The healing powers of Amethyst date back
as far as the ancient Greeks who believed
that Amethyst protected from the intoxicating
effects of alcohol. The word "amethyst" is of
Geek origin and is translated as- "amethystus"
meaning not drunken, or intoxicatedv
("-methystos" from "methyein" or
intoxicated, "methy" = wine).

Mental Healing

Amethyst as a healing stone contains
sobering and calming qualities which
allow this stone to be commonly associated
with peace. Amethyst is known to calm and
protect the mind. It soothes those who have
engaged in constant rigorous mental activity.

It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer"
by many healers because of it's effectiveness
in relaxing not only the mind but also the
nervous system.

Those who wear amethyst jewelry and who
have been recommended to wear this stone for
healing purposes have done so because of
its tranquil qualities and it's ability
reduce negativity and alleviate anxiety.

Besides being a stone of tranquility
and repose, amethyst is also known
to enhance mental strength, stability,
and vigor. It also is protective in averting
the mind from psychic attacks and transforming
negative energy in to that of positive and
tranquil tenacity.

It is also used to bring understanding
of all that is transitional,
especially death and rebirth.
It can provide security and peace of
mind (along with understanding) when
a loved one is lost or reborn.
It is said to also have a relieving
effect on stress, grief, depression,
emotional despair and ineffective communication.

Amethyst and the Chakras
Amethyst has identified as a crystal that
functions favorably in clearing certain
types of blockage and in aligning the Chakras.
By transforming energies on all levels
amethyst also has the ability to
balance and stabilize energies located
within certain Chakra areas.

Amethyst is related to and found to
heal and align ailments of the the 6th and
7th Chakras, which are the Third Eye
or Brow (6th) and the Crown (7th).

Amethyst aides the 6th Chakra,
Third Eye, by opening and heighten
awareness, both spiritual and psychic.
Its calming qualities help to awaken
and ease stress in this area.

It helps to also heighten perspective
and allows development of strong introspection
(inner-self view). Amethyst is used to also
increase intuition and psychic development.

The Third Eye is the energy center for
all levels of consciousness for which
amethyst aides the in the transition
from a normal state of consciousness
to a deeper awareness.
The 7th Chakra, or the Crown controls
the energies used in any mental activity.
Amethyst helps to relieve strain or tension
in this area. It is considered a
helpful aide in meditation and in
the facilitation of psychic visual enhancement.

It is used on the Crown to allow past
life recall to emerge. It's tranquil
sobering effect allows those who are
energetic to relax. It also is a cure
for insomnia and nightmares and makes
the intuition sensitive to understanding
that outside of scientific reasoning.

Physical Healing
Along with the many mental benefits of
amethyst healing, there are also many physical
afflictions for which the healing powers of
amethyst are a remedy. As an elixir
(solution as a medicinal substance)
amethyst can be used to treat toothaches,
skeletal discomforts, posture and other bone
and joint-related sicknesses (like arthritis).

In elixir form amethyst also cures problems
within the stomach and digestive tract,
the heart and hearing disorders.
It has been known to treat various types
of blood disease and balancing blood sugar.
Amethyst as a healing stone or crystal is
used to treat and heal problems involving
the central nervous system. Amethyst is a
treatment for both convulsions and neuralgia.

Items will be bagged similar to this.

Tiger Eye 8mm Beaded Necklace $25.00

Tiger Eye 8mm Beaded Set which contains
a bracelet and necklace $35.00

Tiger Eye 8mm Beaded Bracelets $15.00


Tigers eye is a stone used for courage,
confidence and protection. It is also a
solar plexus stone, and helps by deepening
perception and clarity of self, and giving
us courage when we need it most. It is good
for manifesting of ideas and to place
visualizations into reality. It helps us
to obtain goals by taking direct action
and by learning when to act or wait.

It is claimed that tigereye will counteract
feelings of hypochondria and the onset of
psychosomatic illness and will also give
a feeling of self-confidence. It is especially
good for clear thinking and helps one to see a
problem objectively when confused or emotionally
affected. Protects from witchcraft and evil.

Also associated with the correct use of power,
courage, grace and the ability to see clearly
and without illusion. Excellent for asthma patients.

Tiger eye has a rich yellow and
golden brown stripes, with a fine
golden lustre when polished.

It is basically a variety of crystalline
quartz formed by alteration of an asbestos
mineral (it being replaced by silica) known
as crocidolite. When tiger eye is viewed in
reflected illumination, a ripple or band of
light, resembling a cat's eye, follows the
original fibrous structure of the asbestos.

Tiger eye displays chatoyancy
(a vertical luminescent band like that of
a cat's eye ' French chat ' 'cat')..

Tiger eye typically has lustrous alternating
yellow or brown bands.

Lapis Lazuli 8mm Beaded Bracelets $15.00
(out of stock 8/1/08)
**I can create a Lapis Lazulli bracelet
but the size is not 8mm.. I have small
stones and medium stones and large
stones.. Price will vary according
to materials used..

Lapis Lazuli

One of the most powerful and energetic stone
associated with the 'Third Eye' (6th Chakra),
Lapis Lazuli must be used cautiously.

People can feel dizzy or overwhelmed by its sheer
energy. It is the stone of mystery, positive magic
and psychic ability. Helps understand mind,
expand your viewpoint and change your perception
of reality. Consequently, it is a highly spiritual
stone and should be used during meditation;
even assists in past lives recall and releasing
karmic debts. Heals emotional wounds, cleanses
the aura, develops the powers of mind, intuition,
wisdom and memory. Hang it near your heart in
necklace, and feel the mind and heart connected.
Medically, it prevents fits, epilepsy,
strokes, depression, and helps heart,
spleen besides improving eyesight.


Lapis Lazuli (also called Lazurite,) occurs in
various shades of blue with some qualities
being speckled with white calcite and some
with yellow pyrite. The finest Lapis Lazuli
is even blue color with little or no veining
from other elements. Lapis lazuli is a
semiprecious stone valued for its deep blue color.

The source of the pigment ultramarine,
Lapis lazuli is not a mineral but a rock
colored by lazurite. In addition to the
sodalite minerals in lapis lazuli, small
amounts of white calcite and of pyrite
crystals are usually present.
Because lapis is a rock of varying composition,
its physical properties are variable.

Hematite Cross $5.00

Look for more Jewelry items coming such
as beaded necklaces and also some other
mystical items..

Blessings and Peace,
Mystic Merlyn

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