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Perfect Relaxation:

Relaxation or meditation... Ok, try this is what is
called Perfect relaxation. I started doing this meditation
when I was about 13 and still use it today. I am 40!

What you can do before you do the exercise,
please do some visual imagery first.
Image yourself going through a revolving door,
as you go through the door.You see white light all around you
creating a bubble or outer protective coat of the white light.
Once you exit the revolving door,
see yourself totally covered from head to toe
in white healing/protective light.
Prayers from above, think of it as God's healing light....
This is just a spiritual way to protect before you meditate...

1. Pick a spot in your house that is free of distraction
or if it is nice try a secluded area outside under a tree
or by a brook! Take a blanket! & pillow!

2. Lay down or find a comfortable chair.

3. Make sure that you wear loose fitting cloths, with no
tight areas on your skin.

4. Breath, take 3 deep breaths, inhale, exhale, each time
make your breath go in your lungs and out of your lungs
via your nose not your mouth! Keep doing this till you
feel a little relaxed. Concentrate only on your breaths
clear your mind from all work, daily, and home problems!

5. Once you feel this peaceful breathing and you do this
breathing do a count of 10, so you are concentrating on
the number 10!

6. Start with feet, toes. I like to at this point stiffen my
body and than let the stiffness go starting at my toes,
feel this bound up energy travel up to you feet, up to
your ankles, up to your legs, (remember you are still
breathing through your nose! )Keep have this energy
traveling up your hips, to stomach, try to visualize your
internal organs, your privates, liver, small intestine,
large intestine, gall bladder, stomach, heart lungs, spine,
shoulders. At this point this ball of energy is traveling
very fast and you can feel the tension being drift away.

From you shoulders the energy travels down your arms and
through you hands, and back up to the back of neck and
than on your face, each part of your face, ears, nose,
mouth and eyes than take this energy ball and let get to
the top of your head/brain .... At this point, let the
ball of energy go or let it be released of the top of
your head!

7. Repeat exercise 6 about 2 more times or until you feel
relaxed. You will be feeling and seeing nothing but a black
void in your mind's eye. Concentrate on nothing of the days
activities. You will feel very comfortable and you need to
find your safe place in your mind.

8. Now I want you to go to your favorite place! I use a warm
sunny day on St. Martin at a beach called Coupa Coy..

I Imagine, The warm sun, feels great on your feet as they lay on
warm sand, you hear the gentle waves of the ocean! Hear
the splashin of the sea, glance up at the blue sky
with white fluffy clouds! Just drift on that large white fluffy
clouds as it gently feels soft and warm.

At this point you should have reached Perfect Relaxation,
and if you like you can just stay in your safe place and
fall gently asleep or if you like you can continue to the
next part of this journey...You can proceed to the next
experiment, Past Regression, Discovering your Past Lives....

Peace Be with You,
Mystic Merlyn

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