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Discovering Your Past Life

I know you have been loooking for
a way to do a past life memories....

Here is the procedure....

I found the book I got when I was
about 9 from my mom...
Book is called....

By Richard de A Morelli Copyright @1973

The Safest way to recall past life experiences,
and the easiest way is by relying on natural capabilities
of the human mind. You can go into your mind with out
drugs or hypnosis. Special Note: Regression by means
of hypnosis is probably the most popular method or technique,
but it is also the extremely dangerous, even
when attempted by professionals in a controlled
environment. Serious psychological after effects have
have been reported by more than one half of the people
who have been subjected to hypnotically induced memory.

Through spontaneous recall intertwined with deep
meditation, you should be able to safely and easily
recall past lives, if you have them, with complete

Step. 1

Retire to a quiet, well ventilated room in the house and
free of distractions for about an hour. Close all curtains
switch all electronic appliances off ,than lie down flat
on your back, either on bed, a sofa, or the floor.
If you are doing this experiment alone set a clock
for on hour, if you have a partner who can be with
you during this experiment than set a time to be
check on and or awaken.
( Never wake a person while they are doing this experiment
without first, making sure that they are aware that they
are not startled or frightened, but calmly address them)

Use Perfect Relaxation to sedate your mind and body..
I have created a link for this ...

Perfect Relaxation
You need to be free from thoughts and your mind a
black void. Avoid being tense or anxious as these
conditions will only interfere with your success.

Step. 2

Inhale slowly and gently to the count of ten. Hold
your breath for the three counts and than exhale
again to the count of ten. This exercise, called
deep breathing, is a further aid to total relaxation
and will permit you to temporarily blank your conscious
mind to the fullest extent.

Repeat this exercise for approximately two minutes,
than go on to the next step.

Step 3.

Using the technique of standard visualization,
picture the face of a clock in your minds eye. Envision
the second hand slowly moving backwards, and the minute
hand corresponding, going back one minute for each
sixty seconds. This will permit your mind to journey back
through time. Continue this step for approximately ten
minutes, then go to step No. 4.

Step 4.

Clear your mind again, and imagine that you are silently
drifting in a cool, blackened void. You should hear no
sounds and perceive no physical sensations beyond that
of lightness. Simply drift in this darken void for 5-10

Step 5.

Now, Visualize some pleasant event that took place in
your life within the past month. As clearly as you
remember the event, actually envision yourself reliving
the particular experience.

Following these same instructions, relive a pleasant
event that occurred about one year ago, than five
years, ten years, and finally some pleasant
childhood experiences. For best results, proceed slowly
and carefully, spending as much time as needed.
You are very relaxed and these found memories are
making you happy and safe.

Step 6.

Once again, Blank your mind and imagine that you are
floating in a blackened void. Just drift aimlessly and
allow a sense of Tranquility to over power you!

Within a few minutes vague images may begin to register
in your mind. You may see faces, locations and hear voices
that you have never seen or heard before. Just observe
these events or images race through your mind. As these
images race through mind, there may be a movie or fragment
that transpire. As you observe these images remember
them, as you observe them. You may continue this
portion of the exercise for as long as you desire, an hour
is the maximum time for safety reasons, Should you
suddenly feel experience a compelling sense of fear,
depression or anxiety, do not panic but immediately
terminate the exercise.

Step 7.

To conclude this amazing experiment, carefully follow
each of the following guidelines without skipping over
any of them.

1. Imagine yourself drifting in a blackened void.

2. Perform Step No. 5 in exact reverse.

3. Perform Step No. 3 in reverse.

4. Relax for about 5 minutes
before resuming normal activities.

5. Record the date/time of the experiment; also write
down every possible detail in step 6 for your records
and for your own reference.

Believe it or not, the strange sounds and images you
probably experienced in the performing the above
experiment comprise of actual memories of you past lives!

With practice you should be able to travel back into
time and recall your past experiences.

Special Note: In order to have this past life recall
work, one must be able to be in a state of total relaxation.
Also, after doing this exercise, you may feel very relaxed
and a little out of it or not aware of your environment
upon the completion of this exercise. Please take your
time coming back and be very patient.

I have used done this experiment and it does work but
I had first was able to master Perfect Relaxation...

Peace Be with You,
Mystic Merlyn

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