The Phoenix Art Studio,
have been doing art and photography,
for about 25 years. Phoenix Art Sudio does Fine Art,
Illustration, Calligraphy, Graphic,as well as Sculpture.

In the near future we plan on making cards,
fine art prints, post cards and possibly calandars,
write me and let me know what you think!

And if anyone out there is in need of a
photo that needs restored, all I can say is,
I do a very excellent job and I try to keep my
price within reason, for what you want done.

So take a chance and enter this unique and
gifted art exhibit. From water color to
inks and oil paintings, this studio only
presents original works. Enjoy the journey
through an artistic and creative eye as
only Laura Lee McCafferty can create.

When you enter this exhibit,you will enjoy
the depth and original creation presented
with the right atmosphere to really enjoy
my art expressions.

Sit right back and be ready to explore
the visions and beauty as only I can
share through my artistic expressions
flow from page to page. See my art
forms as an expression of my life
works are displayed. Thank you for
visiting me and come back and
be transported through ...
Phoenix Art Galleries.

In God's Graces and Love,

Laura Lee McCafferty

Please click on Phoenix Art Gallery
or Phoenix Art Gallery,

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