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Chapter Twenty
The Storm

Tammy: Merlyn , Please come in! Merlyn, Please come in!

Merlyn: Tammy, I hear you and will be home soon.
WAIT!! I will be there in 5 minutes.

With that the back door blows open and Tammy hides
under the kitchen table, Merlyn comes in a couple minutes later.

Tammy: Quick, Go downstairs NOW! DO IT!

Merlyn: Tammy, where in the basement?

Tammy: Just get downstairs,
there is a tornado coming our way. GO NOW!!

Merlyn: OK, You come too!

Tammy: Yes, Now go!

(Quickly, Tammy and Merlyn are downstairs and listening .
Suddenly, all the lights go out and the first claps of thunder
are heard very close to the house. Rain is coming down hard
and is heard hitting the roof throughout the house. More and more
lightening & thunder is occurring more frequently. The house lost all
electricity and the storm is just starting. The sound of wind echo's
through the house. Flashing lighting and roaring thunder continues
with the sound of "THUMP THUMP" hitting the house.)

Merlyn: Tammy, Where should go down here?
I am scared… What is that noise?

Tammy: Go in the that spot there by the couch,
and get away from any windows.
We will hide under this couch.
Merlyn, We will be ok.
Look, Marty & Mary are here with us.

Suddenly, a loud crash is heard upstairs and the
sound of breaking glass engulf their awaiting ears.

Merlyn, What was that?? Can I see.. Please?

Tammy: No, Stay here..
Stay here! Never go and see the noises durning a storm,
especially a storm like this one.
Stay put, and cover yourself with this blanket.
We will need it!

As the storms developes, the rain continues with
such force that every rain drop sounds like a cannon exploding.
Hail is covering the ground. Suddenly, the storm stopped!

Merlyn: The storm is over! Lets go upstairs now!
I want to see the outside!

Tammy: Wait! Listen… Merlyn do you hear a train noise?
It seems like it is in the distance.

Merlyn: Yes, I hear that train noise.
Marty & Mary are with us under this blanket.
Wow! It is getting really windy here.
Look at that piece of paper! It is swirling all around.

Tammy: Merlyn, cover your head with your paws
and stay close to me. Listen, the tornado in here!!

With that the backdoor is blown open and off its hinges.
More sounds of broken glass are heard.
As the tornado marches down the street it avoids
Marty & Mary's house.

Others are less fortunate today.
Many tall trees have crushed cars, homes,
and are scattered all around like twigs.
Hours seem to go by and then finally the rain stops.

Merlyn, Tammy, Marty & Marty go upstairs to view the damage.
Luckily only a couple of windows and the backdoor need repair.
Looking up the street, everyone knew that they were very lucky to
withstand the stormy tornado.

Tammy: Today's secret message is….

Be prepared for any type of storm, tornado,
or power outage. Make plans to go certain spot in
the house for the most protection,
usually the basement.
Always stay put when adults tell you too.
Try to remain calm and make sure that your
household has an emergency kit.

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