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Welcome, my name is Marty.
***Alias Mystic Merlyn***
I am a computer operator who is interested
in the futuristic astrological concepts and ideas.

I was born 12/12/62 @ 1:35pm in Ohio.
~*~ My sun sign is Sagitarius,~*~
~*~ Rising Sign is Aries~*~
~*~ and my Moon is in Cancer.~*~
~*~*View my chart here~*~

After reviewing my Natal chart,
I discovered that I have a Water Grand Trine
just like Nastradamus had in his Natal Chart !!
I have medium tendencies and prophetic dreams and vision!
I was always seeing my relatives who passed in my dreams
and seeing or feeling ghosts or spirits from the "OTHER SIDE"
Interpreting dreams and seeing spirits has kept me very busy!!
Come in and let me cast your Natal Chart!
My other hobbies are ghosts and hauntings and SCOOBY DOO!!!!

In fact here is a picture of me holding a ball of fire!

Speaking of fire, my Love/Soul mate is Mary.
Mary and I were very close friends for ten years and one
day I just popped the question and POOF!!

We were married; however, our wedding was not usual.

Mary and I were married on October 29, 1994
at St. Vincent De Paul Roman- Catholic Church.
As you can see our picture of the bridal party
were in medieval costumes.

Mary and I felt that since our favorite time
of the year is Fall-with Halloween that our
Marriage Day would be "A Knight to Remember,"
and we both agreed not to have a traditional wedding.

"MY OH MY" ...
Yes we did all of the decorations for this ourselves!!

After a wonderful day of celebration Mary and I
went on our honeymoon down to the ST. MARTIN for two weeks.
Still after eight years later we still return each year
around our anniversary to celebrate our love...
even in hurricanes!

Many thanks go out to all our friends and family
for the love and support in building these web pages.

We would specially like to thank the initial helper
and long time friend, Melissa;
Donna, (my teacher)the creative genius who has spent many a
long hours in assisting us;
Nick and Jeannie, Annie and Joey, Joe,
Jessica and Kyle, Laurie and Jimmy,
and our very dear friend,
Sharon (who recently lost her battle with Cancer)
& Kevin our long time friend from our childhood
for their friendship and
support; my sister,
Laura, whose artistic photography made our wedding;
Dr. Keith and Dr. Lisa and all his staff for aiding
us in our health; and for all you the readers.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I would like to thank, my wife, soulmate, friend,
Mary for putting up with me especially the long hours on
this computer and for letting me share my creative and
imaginative talents with all of you.

......I LOVE YOU....

Lastly, Merlyn and Tammy, Ramsey and Felix
..Thanks for the wet...kitty kisses.

These are my two black cats - Merlyn and Tammy-
-Ramsey and Felix(4/29/02)passed into kitty heaven from-
Kitty Aides and Kitty Leukemia.
All the cats' antics and personalties have inspired me to write:
Merlyn and Tammy's Adventures in the Hood.

All the cats are very unique and sleek with warmth and and
compassion for us...Pure Unconditional Love...

Peace and In God's Love,
Mystic Merlyn

Merlyn Tammy
Ramsey Felix

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