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~~Wicca & My Familars~~

Here is some information about Wicca...

Wicca is recently-created religion, partly based
on the concepts, deities, symbols and seasonal days
of celebration of the ancient Celtic people.
Some Wiccans also refer to themselves as Witches,
Pagans or Neopagans. Both men and women who follow
the religion are typically called Witches; the term
Wizard is not used. The two laws that govern Wiccan
behavior are:
The Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you wilt"
i.e. Wiccans are free to do whatever they want to,
as long as it harms nobody, including themselves.

The Threefold Law: Any evil that one does will return
three times over; so too with any good that one accomplishes.

The Rede and the Law obviously motivate Witches/Wiccans
to avoid doing evil. "Witches" in the Bible and the "Witches"
within Wicca are, in fact, totally opposite in belief and
practice. They are also unrelated to the Gothic Satanism
hoax created by the Christian church in the late Middle Ages.
Wiccans do not believe in Satan; their pantheons
of deities do not include an all-evil supernatural being.
They are unrelated to imaginary witchcraft of children's
literature; Wiccans very definitely live in the real
world, not an alternate universe.

Judgment of others believes is very confusing for me
and I tend not to do this for various reasons..
If some would say..hey you are christian and
also pagan and wicca ? No you can not do that?
It is controversial and hypocritical ..

I look at them in the eye and say who are you
to impose your believes on me! I do not impose
mine on you or others.. I merly mention them..
Sorry if I am blunt but this is my nature...

I also believe in reincarnation too .. so now what
am I a buddist too... Please...

I am searching for my inner being and found that
faith and religion are two seperate entities and that
have caused way too many wars over the years..
Your god is not my god so lets kill everyone!
Absurb and all peoples over history this planet
have been tortured by another group.. why...
because of economics, religion and land?

Why do people have to label each other?
Labels are for those who want to see differences
in others and if possibly similar traits or believes.

We should learn from one another not
to judge on mere words..but of their
actions which should give them away!

If I had to label myself with all my believes..
I would choose the word, ' Love and Unity'
That is why I really love that symbol below.
it lists many faiths but on the same symbol...


I also do not believe in heaven and hell as places
per say but levels of consciousness..

Hell is on earth right now.. look around at
the hatred, the greed, the meaness of the
human race... " I want generation" or the
Me generation... drought, locusts, famine
war, the seals have been broken people..

Heaven is a state of grace reached when one
has lifted their inner being higher than it has
ever been before.. It could be from helping an
older person, a co-worker, or even oneself with
forgiviness and love..

I have been to heaven, and I came back.. here to
help others.. heaven is within our souls if we only
look deep enough.. We are not gods no we are mortal
being with and infinite soul which lives on after
our body/shell dies and withers and decays into
the earth..

Heaven is multi-dimential... as is our trascendence
from this eartly plane to our next spiritual level..

Too me... and this is just me..

heaven can be seen as a very beautiful golden
staircase which contains many layers of wisdom,
and also spiritual experiences.Each one of us are
on different levels of this staircase and each of
us take different approaches to get on this staircase.
Faith and religions are part of this staircase but
only in generic form.. aka Religion/faith.. No names
or specific name but just the noun.

I have been on my spirial staircase and I have also
fallen off it too... and has taken me time to keep
climbing up.. each level has so many new experiences
and adventures for me to discover and from that
discover is whom I am now..

From this source..
Wicca information

We recognize that many Wiccans, Neopagans,
and others regularly use the terms "Pagan"
and "Paganism" to describe themselves.
Everyone should be free to continue whatever
definitions that they wish. However, the possibility
of major confusion exists -- particularly
if one is talking to a general audience.

When addressing non-Wiccans or non-Neopagans,
it is important that the term:

Be carefully defined in advance, or that
Its meaning is clearly understandable
from the text's context.

Otherwise, the speaker or writer will
be referring to one group of people,
while the listeners or readers will
assume that other groups are being referred to.

moon phases

Short Version of The Wiccan Rede

Ride the wiccan law ye must,
in perfect love, in perfect trust.
Eight words the wiccan rede fulfill:
an ye harm none, do as ye will.
And ever mind the rule of three
what ye send out, comes back to thee
follow this with mind and heart,
and merry ye meet and merry ye part.

If looking for the The Long version of The Wiccan Rede

Blessings & Thanks:
Asia and Scared .. some spiritual friends from
Magical Meandering.

My Familars: Merlyn & Tammy

I have actually two familars both are black cats,
Merlyn and Tammy.. I found out that Merlyn was my
one of my familars when he started to bond with
me as a very young kitty.. I got him from a co-worker
that could not keep Merlyn.. He was about 10 weeks
old.. He fit into the palm of my hand...
I had a natural psychic bond with him..
He was very intelligent and also very playful
and he would sleep with me and be in my dreams
all the time.. I taught him how to open
doors.. I can understand him...his meows..
If I tell Merlyn .."bring a birdie" he brings
me a birdie!

If I tell him to bring a present.. I get a mouse, and
many types of bugs.. Merlyn is a bombay, my little
black panther.. also one of my astral animals..
Black panthers.. He is part of my Male side!

Tammy my other Familar and probably my true familar..
Our bond has changed and it took over 10 years,...
I got Tammy from my secretary when I was a group
home manager for a group home of 8 men with MR/DD.
Tammy came to me, she was so beautiful and so shy.
I decided to get her because Merlyn was taken away
from her mom way to young and he was showing signs
of boredom.. too many toliet paper rolls shreaded..
Tammy his under my water bed for many years.. she
came out rarely but did teach Merlyn how to hunt and
act like a hunter.. Merlyn taught Tammy how to open
doors.. Anyway, my psychic bond really started after
I got married and I moved into my wife's home..
When both of us came back, Merlyn and Tammy were
on us, being gone 2 weeks on St. Martin...

Tammy immediatly started to bond with my wife as
did Merlyn. Tammy also started to kitty talk but not
just the normal..meow I want food etc.. but she
actually started to talk to me and about dreams,
that she and I will be together forever.. she also
lets me know who has been bad in the house and
than she started appearing in my dreams and warning
me of astral attacks from other energy forms..

She waits for me to get home, we have a little
ritual, she greets me as I get home.. She waits
for me to get in bed. She will come up to me and
she is so loving.. Unconditional love.. she choose me
I did not choose her.. She will lay on my chest,
like my beard, nose face, groom me... She gives
me kitty kisses... I started singing to her, and she
really liked it.. she told me when she was sick and
her teeth hurt, Vet did dental work.. She also has
listened to me when I tell her to watch my wife when
she sleeps, Tammy will not leave Mary's side.

Being a meduim with psychic abilities.. Tammy has
really helped me astrally too. Merlyn too has helped
me.. Their 'Unconditional Love' is given every day and
our bonds are eternal.. I know this by my spiritual being
and also that I know that I married my best friend and
Soul Mate.. Mary..
Sad news to report.. Tammy passed away..

I want to introduce my two new familiars
in training.. Zachery, Ramsey & Zoey, Cleopatra..
Mary and I got these two, gray, twin tiger kittens
when they were about 3 months old..
Both of these kitties or 'Kidz' as I have
called them are working with Merlyn and are
familiars in training..

Familars are your watchers on this side of the earthly
veil and also the astral side too.. Some of my best
experiences are connected to my Kitties.. We share
a life path together and it is very good to have two..
Both cats will warn me of 'unwanted spiritual guests'
by their loving ways and actions..


Here is my home Alter and meditation spot in my
Basement. In this location, I do my many medtations
and also cold reading, pendulum, seances, and tarot.

What do you think?

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