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Chapter Fourteen
The Attic

Tammy: What is the white thing in the attic?

Merlyn: What white thing are you talking about?
I didn't see anything.

Tammy: Over there. Tammy points to a sheet
hanging on a hanger looking like a ghost.
LOOK! It's moving! It's coming after us!

Merlyn: What is it? Whatever it is, that
monster is coming after you Tammy.

Tammy: Stop that Merlyn. I'm scared!
It seems to be swaying back and forth.

Merlyn: Quick, when I count to three, we
jump on it. 1, 2, 3!

With that, Tammy and Merlyn jump on the sheet
causing to fall from the hanger. Both cats are
entangled in the white sheet.

Tammy: Where are you Merlyn? I know you're
here somewhere.

Merlyn: Tammy, I'm right here.
With that, Merlyn tosses the sheet off them.
WOW! That was fun let's do it again.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Merlyn and Tammy
run to the front attic window and look down. There
standing at the door is a pirate, Frankenstein and
a fairy princess.

Outside: "Trick or Treat!" the children scream.

Meanwhile, Tammy and Merlyn sneak downstairs and
see Mary and Marty all dressed up too. Mary looked
like the Bride of Frankenstein and Marty looked like

Tammy: Why is everyone dressed so weird?

Merlyn: They're dressed up because it is HALLOWEEN!
They're giving candy out. That's why all the kids are
in costume screaming TRICK or TREAT.

Tammy: Oh. That would explain all the pumpkins and
spider webbing which keeps getting caught in my
black fur coat.

Merlyn: Are you still afraid of the ghost... ahh sheet
upstairs, Tammy?

Tammy: Not anymore. I like Halloween with all the candy!

Merlyn: Tammy, you better not eat any candy. Candy is not
good for cats. If you eat it, you'll have to see Dr. Matt again.

Tammy: No candy! No candy! Ok, no candy.

Today's Secret Message is...
You do not have to be afraid of things you
may not recognize. Always let an adult know if
you are afraid. They can help you and...
During Halloween, never eat any candy until an adult
checks the candy first and...
Never, Never eat unwrapped candy!

from Merlyn and Tammy

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