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Chapter Fifthteen
The Basement

Under the tall green grass of the
Asian jungle, Merlyn is stalking a
poor defenseless antelope. As Merlyn looks
at himself in the nearby pool of water, he realizes
he is no longer Merlyn the black cat, but
Merlyn the black panther hunting for food
for Tammy, his poor sick mother.

Merlyn: You must be hungry mother.

Tammy: Yes, I am hungry, but it is too hot
to hunt now. We will hunt tonight when the
moon is full and the air is cool. So let us rest
in the tall grasses or in that tree over there.

Let's climb.
Merlyn and Tammy jumped up into a nearby
tree overlooking the small water hole.

Merlyn: I want to hunt now! Because I am
Merlyn, the Black Panther of the Jungle....
I am fearless and srtrong....
and never afraid of anything.

Tammy: Please, Merlyn be quite! I am watching
this group of wild boars below us. We may hunt
sooner than tonight. So when I count to three,
we will attack that white,small pig.


Suddenly, Tammy starts pushing on Merlyn....

Wake up !!! Wake up!!!

Merlyn has been dreaming on a blanket in the

Merlyn jumps to his paws!

OK!... I will hunt that white pig?


Merlyn: Tammy, I was dreaming; I was a BIG BLACK
PANTHER in the Asian jungle. You were in my dream
as my sick mother. We were getting ready to
pounce on this wild pig for dinner.

Tammy: OK, Killer, dinner time! You must be smelling the beef we are having tonight.

Tammy: Today's Secret Message is....

Eveyone dreams and dreaming can be fun
when we realize it was only a dream.
Never be afraid of your dreams because
you are only using your imagination.

Happy Dreaming.....

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