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Chapter Sixteen
The Pine Tree

Merlyn: Tammy, what is that tall
thing in our backyard?

Tammy: It is a pine tree.
During Christmas,Marty and Mary
decorate the smaller tree with lights
and ornaments.

Merlyn: Why do they decorate a tree?
I love to hide in this one, watch me?

Tammy: Merlyn get out from inside our
Christmas tree.

Merlyn: WOW! Thats cool, so can I be a
Christmas pine tree and be decorated with
all that neat stuf?

Tammy: Stop that Merlyn, you can not be a
Christamas pine tree. You are a cat.
Only a pine tree can be a pine tree.

Suddenly, a baby bird falls from a low branch
of the pine tree in the backyard. Merlyn and
Tammy quickly leap to aid the bird.

Tammy: Where did that baby bird fall from?
Is the mother around? What should we do?
Merlyn: Tammy, I say we eat the baby birdie,

Tammy: No, Merlyn! We do not eat baby birds that
fall out of this pine tree.

Merlyn: But why not? We catch and eat anyway?
Why not now? What's up, Tammy are you sick

Tammy: NO! NO! NO! We only catch flying big
birds because there is more meat on the bones.
This baby needs its mother."MEOW! MEOW!"

Merlyn:What are doing, crying out like.
You are letting the mother and father know
where the baby is now.

Tammy: I have too. It is the right thing to do
right now.

Suddenly, the mother sparrow notices her baby
on the ground, and she helps the baby back to
its feet and both fly away.

Tammy: Today's secret message is .......
Sometimes it is better to help other who
are hurt rather than taken advantage of their
problem. Friends help each others out.

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