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Chapter Seventeen
The Uninvited Guest

Tammy: Merlyn, see who is at the back door?

Merlyn: Tammy, it is Max, he wants to see you.

Tammy: Hi Max! What is up, please come in. Are you
hungry, want some milk?

Merlyn: (Thinking to himself, what does Max really
want from Tammy?) Hi Max.

Max: Hi McNeighbors, just wanted to let you know that
Sophie and I are going on a vacation with Eddie on Wednesday.
Please keep an eye on the house, you know the gang activity.

Tammy: (nods, but notices that while Max was talking an
uninvited guest just snuck in the house.)

Max: We are going to the new store where Eddie works.

Tammy: (Motioning to Merlyn to get the uninvited
guest out of the house.)

Merlyn: Where did that flying bug come from?
What is it?

Tammy: Sorry, Max but we have an uninvited guest.
Excuse me. (With that Tammy jumps in the air and
catches the fly in her teeth. She walks to the door
and releases the fly unharmed.)
Max and Merlyn: WOW !!! Do that again that was

Tammy: Today's secrete message is…

Never be an uninvited guest. Make sure
that you where ever you go you are invited
and part of the guest list.

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