Chapter Eighteen
The Baby

Merlyn: Look out! Here it comes, run hide!
Run away, run away!

Tammy: What's the problem? Why should
I run away?

Merlyn: The thing is in the front bedroom and
it is coming after us. Run and hide!

Tammy: Merlyn, it is only the vacuum cleaner
running. What's the big deal?

Merlyn: No, Tammy, I know what the vacuum
cleaner looks like and I don't like it either but
this is no vacuum cleaner. This moves alot
faster than the vacuum and it tries to grab my

Tammy: You're crazy. There's nothing in this
house that does that. Merlyn stop crying wolf.

Merlyn: Wolf! That thing is not a wolf. Why
are you saying that?

Tammy: It just an expression that means to
stop calling attention to yourself when your
alone or bored. Long ago a shepherd would
cry "wolf" to the other shepherds to protect
their flock of sheep when the dangerous wolf
was around. One day a shepherd boy kept
calling wolf when there was no wolf so that
everyone would come running to protect the
sheep. Later that day a real wolf came by and the
boy cried wolf again, but this time no one came
and the wolf ate him.

Merlyn: WOW! Good story, but I was trying to
warn you about the thing.

.....Later that day, Merlyn saw the thing again.

Merlyn: Tammy, run away, the thing is coming!

Tammy: Merlyn, where is the thing?

Merlyn: It's in the back bedroom!

Tammy: What the ceiling fan?

Merlyn: No, it is on the bed!
Tammy looks on the bed in the back bedroom and
sees the thing Merlyn is talking about.

Tammy: You're right! It tried to attack my tail!
Run and hide Merlyn. What is it?

With that Tammy and Merlyn hid under the bed.

Several minutes later, Mary came out of the front
bedroom with a little boy named Kyle David or K.D.
Mary's neice, Jessica, came with K.D. for a visit.
The thing was a 2 year old boy, Kyle David.

Tammy : Today's Secret Message...

Never cry "wolf" or "fire" to see what will happen.
It's wrong to create a dangerous situation
where others may get hurt.

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