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Chapter Nineteen
The Stow Away

Merlyn; Tammy, Time to come in for dinner, dinner time.

Tammy; Merlyn, I will be there in a minute!
( Meanwhile, Tammy sees an open window to Van's window in her driveway.
She decides that she wants to explore the van rather than eat dinner.
So, she climbs in the backseat of the van and lays on the warm cozy carpet.
Tammy falls asleep.)

Merlyn; Tammy, Dinner NOW!!

Merlyn, Tammy Come in or else!
(Ten, fiftenn minutes, and a 1/2 hour passes with no sign of Tammy.
Merlyn begins to get nervous.
Where is Tammy? )

Meanwhile, Tammy is still fast asleep, and is unaware that she is going
to be missing very soon.

Merlyn: Tammy! Where are you? This is not funny!! Where are you?

Tammy is startled and wakes up to find that she is moving and is now
far from home. Tammy not aware the owner of the van, Tom is off to work.
Suddenly Tammy begins to cry. "Meow" "Meow" over and over again.

Tom stops the van because he hears a faint animal cry of a cat.
Tom gets out of the van and begins to investigate.

Tom: Well what do we have here? A little black kitty!
Who are you? Where do you live? Wait! You have a tag with your name on it.
Good! I will take you back home.

Ten minutes go by and Tammy is brought back home by Tom.

Tammy: Wow, That was really scary.
One minute I crawl in this van and fall asleep,
and next I wake up 10 minutes away with a strange man.

Merlyn: Tammy, Why did you crawl in that van?
You know better.

Tammy: I don't know why I wanted to see the inside of the van.
It was so nice that I fell asleep.

Tammy; That is the last time I do something so stupid like that.
NO MORE climbing in vans for me.

Merlyn; Tammy, You always are so smart,
so why did you crawl in the van?? I am shocked.

Tammy; I must have not been paying attention to where I was.
That could have been very dangerous. Never again.

Tammy; Today's secret message is…

Never get into a car with someone you do not know.
Never hide in a car either, it can be dangerous.

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