Chapter Seven
The Bald Man

Specail Update:: The Baldman that used to live
across the street from Merlyn & Tammy has moved OUT!!
The baldman moved out recently November 2012
Marty and Mary are so happy for now our Furry Kidz
will be safe from this BALDMAN!"

Merlyn: Who lives there in that red brick house?

Tammy: That is the 'Bald Man,' he is very strange
and different.

Max: I have lived here all my life and I never seem
to see anyone visit him. He comes and goes at all
hours of the night. Stange stuff have happened at
his house especially with stray Gang members.

Sophie: I heard that the Bald Man tried poisoning
some of the Gang members many years ago. I think
he Hates all cats. I also heard that he shot a little
dog too for barking.

He is evil and twisted.

Merlyn: Thanks for the information.

Later that day, Merlyn crosses the street
and visits the Bald Man's House. He looks
in the window and sees the Bald Man mixing
something into some cat food!!

Merlyn comes running home and runs up to Tammy.

Merlyn: Tammy... You were right about that
Bald Man. He is evil and mean, I have to tell the
Gang about him and not to eat the food he
puts out tonight... IT IS POISONED!!!!

Tammy: What did I tell you about crossing the
street and that Bald Man? I told you not to
cross the street and not to visit that Man either.
You are in trouble... You are grounded and you
can not play with anyone for one week...

Merlyn: But, Tammy .. I have to tell the Gang!!!

Tammy : No and that is FINAL.

Tammy: Today's secrete message is ...
Always listen to your elders and remember
that what they say will help you .
Never visit or stop at place that you are
told not visit because something bad may

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