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Chapter Eight
Who is Missing

Merlyn: Tammy, Did you hear the news?

Tammy: What news?

Merlyn: I heard two gang members were found
dead. Both gang members were poisoned and
found at the hidout.

Tammy: That is terrible news. We must tell
Sophie and Max.
Merlyn: I will teel Max and Sophie. You
tell Rocky about what I saw yesterday
at the Bald Man's house.

Tammy: Ok, Merlyn. I am sorry I did not
tell Rocky myself!

Tammy calls to Rocky and Rocky looking
both ways crosses the street.

Rocky: Tammy, what is wrong? You look
worried my dear!

Tammy: (Blushing) Rocky, Who is missing
from the Gang. I am sorry it happened.

Rocky: Two gang members, Tom, the wild
one, and Tina, his girlfriend. Both were warned
not to eat anything from that Bald Man's house.
Yesterday, I told them. Bye the way, why was
Merlyn at that house?

Tammy: He was spying on that man and he
saw him make the poison and put it in the food.
What are we to do?

Rocky: Tammy, all the cats in the Hood are
meeting at the hideout. Please come to the
meeting, honey.

Tammy, I would love to but I will not cross that
street. Please tell me what happens at the meeting.

Rocky: Bye my love, parting is such sweet sorrow....

Tammy: Today's secret message is...

Never eat or drink anything given to you by
someone you do not know.

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