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Chapter Nine
The Fight

Tammy: Merlyn are you mad at me?

Merlyn: Yes, Tammy I am mad at you, because
you would not let me tell the Gang about the
Bald Man and what I saw two days ago. I feel
that it is all your fault that those cats died.

Tammy: Merlyn, please do not be mad at me,
to do what I thought was right and for a reason.

Merlyn: What was the reason? I would like to know?

Tammy: My reason was that I was looking out for
you because I was afraid of what could happen to you.

Merlyn: I want to fight with you, NOW!! "MEOOW"
You make me mad. You are always telling me what to
do. I Hate YOU!!!

Tammy: Merlyn, I am sorry you feel that way, but
I still think what I did was right

Merlyn, Rocky told me that he had already told
all the cats not to go to the Bald Man's house.
He also told all th cats not to eat or drink anything.
But, they did not listen and look what happen to them.

Merlyn: I am sorry, Tammy...
I thought I was right and you were wrong. I did not
know what Rocky said to them.

Thank you for not being mad at me, I feel better
now. You are smart and thanks Big sister for
looking out for me. I LOVE YOU "MEOW"

Tammy: Today's secret message is....

Never start a fight with first looking at all the
facts. There are two sides to every argument,
so find out the facts. Sometimes it is better
to avoid a fight or augument by these words,
"I am sorry."

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