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Chapter Ten
The Fire

Tammy: Merlyn, Wake up, Wake up!!

Merlyn: What is wrong?

Tammy: Look outside there is a fire!!!
The leaves and house are on fire!!

Merlyn: How did you know about the
fire, we were sleeping...and what is FIRE!!!

Tammy: I smelled smoke and saw the blaze,
when I looked outside the open window.
Fire is very dangerous and especially
around this time of the year. Dried leaves
are very easily set on fire by a spark from
a candle in a pumpkin for Halloween.

Merlyn: How did this fire start?

Tammy: This fire was accidental.
Someone cut that tree down and it
landed on that telephone pole. The
wires which contains electricity were
cut and sparked some leaves on fire
which spread to that house.

Merlyn: What should I do if I am in
a fire?

Tammy: Look for a way out if you are
in a house. Stay close to the ground
and try to get out an open window.
Never open a door that has smoke
coming from under the door. Try
to stay calm and never hid under
a bed or in a closet.

Now, if you are on fire, remember to
1. Stop running
2.Drop to ground
3.Roll on the ground. (on grass or dirt)

Merlyn: Thanks Tammy, you are so wise...

Tammy: Today's secret message is ....
Always be prepared in case of a fire.
Know an escape route in your home.
Stay calm and if you are on fire remember:

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