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Chapter Eleven
The Snowy Day

Merlyn: Tammy, Quick look outside! What is
happening outside?

Tammy: That is snow! Snow is white
and wet and shaped like snowflakes

Merlyn: I want to go outside and play. I want to
see if Sophie wants to come outside to play.
Please follow me over to Sophie 's house.

Tammy: No Way! I like it here in this nice warm
house. It is too cold outside. You go but you will
be sorry!!

Merlyn leaves and starts over to Sophie'house:
however, he notices that he cold and his black
fur is getting covered with snow. Merlyn also
notices that he has to jump like a rabbit to get
anywhere because there is so much snow on the

Merlyn: (scratching at the back door)

Max: What do you want?

Merlyn: Can Sophie come out to play?

Sophie: Hi cutie, What would like Mr. Merlyn?
Merlyn: Please,Please come out and play with me
in this snow?

Sophie: Sorrry, Merlyn, I can not come out to
play with you I have a cold. Sorry.

Merlyn: OK, Max, do you want to come outside
and play?

Max: No WAY!! I am happy here on this warm
blanket and you should stay inside our house
until the the snow stops comming down so hard.

Merlyn: Fine, I am going over to Casey's house,
she will play with me.

... Merlyn leaves Sophie's and begins to jump
in the snow. Leaving paw prints in the snow,

Merlyn ventures over to Casey's house.
Merlyn reaches Casey's house and starts
scratching at the back door.

Merlyn: Casey can you come out and play
with me in this snow?

Casey: Sorry, Merlyn, I only go outside in
this weather if I have to do my business.

Besides, Merlyn, you are always teasing me
since I am a dog and you are a cat. So why
is it now that you want to play with me?

...Meanwhile, outside the snow really
starts coming down and it is turning
into white-out conditions.
(white-out means everthing in the Hood
is turning into white snow including houses
trees, and streets. It is very easy to loose one's
sense of direction.)

... Nevetheless, Merlyn decides he will go home
As he leaves Casey's house, Merlyn looks for
his paw prints in the snow but they are all gone.
The snow is drifting and getter colder by the minute.

Merlyn: Where am I? Where is MY HOME?

Tammy: (Looking out the front window,
she sees that Merlyn is in trouble.)
Merlyn.... I am coming .......
Keep calling me so I can find you....

Merlyn: Tammy, Tammy, Where are you??
Merlyn: Tammy, Thanks for coming outside
and helping me. Where is home?

Tammy: Follow me Merlyn...and I wil take you

... Both arrive safely at home, but Merlyn
will not be going outside for sometime.
Merlyn has caught a cold and his paws
were very wet and ice were beginning to
form around his toes. He was lucky.

Tammy: Today's secrete message is...
Sometimes in bad weather it is better to
stay where you are than wondering
around in it. One could be lost or hurt.
Always call home if you can not come
home on time..

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