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Chapter Twelve
Dr. Matt

Merlyn: What a beautiful day!

Tammy: What so beautiful about it, I feel

Merlyn: What is wrong, Tammy? Are you hurt?

Tammy: My teeth hurt really bad, I can not
eat and I feel really sick.

Merlyn: I will let our owners that you need
to go to see Dr. Matt.

Tammy:I hate going to see Dr. Matt, especially

Merlyn: Tammy, you must me be sick because
I know that you love Dr. Matt and I do not like
seeing him.

Both arrive at Dr. Matt in carring cages. Outside
the cage, a large, orange- tiger stripe cat, named
"King" was checking out both Merlyn and Tammy
in their cages.

Merlyn: Hey you, What are you looking at?

Tammy: Hey handsome, why are you here?

King: I live here with Dr. Matt, why are you here,

Tammy: My teeth are hurting me.

King: Dr. Matt will fix you all up. He is very
smart and a good doctor. You will be put under?

Tammy: Under what.... the table?

King: No, No under or put to sleep, so surgery
can be performed on you and your teeth.

Tammy: I am afraid , King, will I die or will I
get better.

King: You will be fine , Dr. Matt would not be
doctor with out going to doctor school first.
He is really a good doctor.

Tammy: Thanks for the information. I will be fine.

Later, the next day after Tammy has come back home
from the animal hospital. Merlyn was only at Dr.
Matt's for a checkup. Tammy had two teeth pulled.

Merlyn: Tammy, where have you been? You never
came home yesterday?

Tammy: I had two teeth pulled because they were
infected. I feel much better now. I can eat again
and I want some food now. Wait, I feel a little dizzy.
Merlyn, I am going to take cat nap...

Merlyn: Today secrete message is....

If you are sick, do not be afraid of asking
for help especially from doctors or nurses.
They are trained to help sick cats and people.
Let someone know if you feel sick.

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