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Chapter Thirteen
The Hiding Place

Merlyn: Tammy will never find me under the this
box. This box is so big, I love playing in it.

Tammy: Merlyn, Merlyn where are you? Please

Merlyn , let me know wher you are?

Merlyn thinks to himself: ( This is a great place to
hide. I will jump out when she turns the corner.
Wait...here she comes.)

Merlyn prepares to jump out from a large cardboard
box but suddenly the box falls overand traps Merlyn
inside the box. Merlyn hit his head and cries out,

Tammy: Merlyn, is that you hidding under that box?

Merlyn just hit his head and is a little dizzy and not
thinking very well. Merlyn starts crawling on the floor
with box on top of him.

Tammy: Merlyn is that you? Hey, that is not funny!!
Stop that crawling!!

Tammy uses her paw to knock the box of him and
there is Merlyn smiling and laughing at Tammy.

Just then, Merlyn saw the corner of the box he was
just in. In horror, Merlyn realized what could of happen
to him. For in the box, Merlyn found a large piece of glass.
Luckily, Merlyn was not hurt.

Tammy: Merlyn, DO NOT EVER hid in something like
a box or refrigerator or under a car because all these
places could hurt you. Never hid in places where
you cover you head or by sharp objects.

Merlyn: Sorry.......Just joking.

Tammy: Ok, but never again!!!!

Tammy: Today's secret message is....

Never hide in an object that covers your face.
Especially never hid in objects like old refridgerators
stoves and boxes of any kind. These places may cause
injury or may be dangerous.

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