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Chapter Six
The Gang

Merlyn: Why do those cats on the other side
of the street ,think they are better than us?

Tammy: They are in a gang, and the leader is
Rocky. He is so strong and handsome. He is
a true leader.

Merlyn; Tammy, stop making those comments.
They are our enemies and they are different from
us on this side of the Hood. All those gang
members ran away from their owners and joined
up with that"Gang." I DO NOT LIKE THEM.

Tammy: Rocky is so beautiful, he has very strong
front paws and his nails are so sharp. He has the
greenist eyes, OH I LOVE ROCKY!!!

Merlyn: Wake up Tammy!!

Tammy: Merlyn, what is wrong with the Gang and
my hero, Rocky? Are they all cats like us.
They are cats who like to eat tuna and hunt mice?

Merlyn: Yes, They are cats but.....

Tammy: I think I want to ask Rocky out for some mice
pies and milk.

Merlyn: No way, Tammy! NOT ROCKY!!

Tammy: Why not Merlyn, are you jealous?

Merlyn: No, I just think that you should like some like you -- on this side of the street.

Tammy: What does that mean? Who like Max ?

Merlyn: Yes, like Max.

Tammy : You like Sophie, Merlyn.

Merlyn: NO, I do not!!.... OK, you right, I like
Sophie---- She is my kitty princess and I am her


Tammy: Today's secrete message is ....
Cats are cats and they should try to get along
with each other peacefully in the Hood.
It does not matter the color of their fur or
what side of the street they are on.

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