Chapter Two
The McNeighbors

Well, since I already introduced my self,
as Merlyn and also introduced my Big sister,
Tammy. I would like to also introduce some
of my McNeighbors to you.

First, next door there are three other cats
who we play with and are our friends, they
are Max-- the Biggest Black Cat in the Hood--
He looks like he has a tuxedo on. Next, there
is Jasper ( my Bestest friend),He looks like
me because he is all Black too. Lastly, there
is Sophie and she has lots of colors like brown
spots, white spots and black spots all over her..

They are really nice and friendly kitties, but
there are other cats in the Hood and they are
across the street and they are living like in
a big gang and are always fighting with each
other. I am afraid of the Leader, Rocky... He
has really long Red Hair with a little bit of
white along his tail.

There are lots and lots of people on this
street of tall trees. These people are also
very different and have real fast cars which
race up and down the street. They all live in
real big houses and everyone's house is different.

Some other of my friends are Casey.. She is a Black
and white dog. I love to tease here because she
can not leave her yard and I can.. HaHa!!

Some other friends are Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Rabbit
and all those baby bunnies.... Boy they just keep
having bunnies I wounder why??

Any way, Some more friends are Mr. and Mrs. Robin,
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, and Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow.

"Meow" --Wait a minute, Tammy cries out.

Merlyn you keep forgetting Mr. and Mrs.
Bluejay and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse ....

Well, Tammy I did not forget them you
interrupted me... and besides I like to
eat Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and their Babies...

Well, I know that uttered Tammy. Remember,
I taught you how to hunt them!!

Anyway that is our Hood exclaimed Merlyn.
Wait just a minute, Merlyn you forgot to
tell them the secret message..

Tammy with both cheeks grinning says..
the Secret message for this chapter ...
is everyone is different but you should
still be nice to them whomever they are.

See what happens next in Merlyn and Tammy's
Adventure in the Hood.

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