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Chapter Three
Where is Merlyn

Tammy tried tio get Marty and Mary's attention
by licking their faces, but she knew that something
was wrong.

.....Meanwhile in the next door neighbor's garage,
Merlyn was crying and afraid, but not alone because
Max was with him.

Merlyn: Are they ever going to find us here?
When will they find us? Today, tomorrow, or never?

Max: Merlyn, please be quite. I am trying to think!

Merlyn: How did we get locked in here?

Max: Merlyn, you came in here and fell a sleep
on those boxes. I came in to wake you but it was
dark out and my owner, Dawn, closed the garage
before I could escape and wake you up.

Merlyn: Thank you Max for trying to help me.
It is all my fault..."MEOW"

Tammy: Have you seen Merlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Robin?

Mr.& Mrs Robin: No, but we will let you know if we do.

Tammy: Have you seen Merlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse?

Mr.& Mrs. Mouse: No, and we are glad too!

Tammy: Have you seen Merlyn, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal?

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal: No, but we will look for you.
We will ask our friends of the Hood to look for you too.

Suddenly, Tammy heard Sophie and Jasper looking for Max.

Tammy: Sophie and Jasper, why are you looking for Max?

Sophie: Tammy, Max never came home last night and we
are worried.

Tammy: Merlyn never came home either.

Tammy, Jasper & Sophie: Where could they be?

Suddenly, all three of them heard a very distant, strange
sound but it sounded like someone they knew.

Tammy: Wher is that noise coming from? It sounds so strange,
yet I know that sound.

Sophie: Wait, another sound sound too and that sounds familar. "MEOW,MEOW, MEOOOW"

Jasper: I know those sounds and they are coming from the our
garage. I think it is Merlyn and Max.

Tammy: I will go to my owner, Marty. He is also looking for Merlyn.
I will have him follow me over here and he will open the gararge.

Marty opens the next door neighbors garage and behold Merlyn
and Max jump out of the garage.
Everyone was happy and they all played together again.

Tammy: Today's Secrete message is ....
Make sure to tell someone where you are and
who you are playing with daily.

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