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Chapter Four
The Present

Merlyn: I think Marty and Mary will like my present best!

Tammy: No. I think Marty and Mary will like my present best!

Merlyn: It took me one hour to make my present.

Tammy: It took me two hours to make my present and
besides I am a female and I make prettier presents than you.

Merlyn and Tammy drop off therir presents at the foot of the
bed of Marty and Mary.

Marty: Oh!!! What do we have here???
A tiny little mouse and a baby bird!!

Thank you, Merlyn and Thank you, Tammy!!

Marty and Mary were able to get the new presents
unwrapped and released them unharmed outside.

Merlyn: Today's secrete message is...

Any present that is given with love should
be accepted with love. No one's present is
better than any one elses when both are given
with love.

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