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Chapter Five
The Street

Tammy: Why do those cars drive so fast,
someone is going to get hurt!

Merlyn: Boy, they should drive slower and watch
out for us animals.

Tammy: OH, NO!!! .... LOOK OUT!!!.....Tommy, the
squirrel, did not look where he was going and he was
just hit by that big black van speeding down the Street.

Merlyn: Tommy , Tommy can you hear me!!!
Please, Please get up! Please get up?

Tammy: Merlyn, Tommy will not ever get up again.

Merlyn: Why Not? Merlyn begins to cry,

Tammy: (taking Merlyn's paw) Merlyn, He is Dead.
Tommy is in Heaven with God and all those angels.
Merlyn, this could happen to you or me if we do not
look both ways while crossing the street. In fact,
Merlyn, Do Not Cross the Street Ever!!!!!

All the animals in Hood began to cry and moan
because once more the Street has taken a friend
from the Hood. Later that year, two more friends
were taken from the Hood, Jasper and Blackie,
( baby Black kitty from the Gang) .

This page is dedicated to all those animals not
with Merlyn and Tammy in the Hood and are
in Heaven with Jesus and Mother Mary....

****Tommy, the squirrel
****Jasper, Merlyn's best friend
****Blackie, the baby Black cat

Tammy: "Meow", Today's Secrete message is ......
Never cross the street with out looking both
ways and making sure no cars are coming.
This secrete message today is very hard
for me, but remember cars DO NOT STOP
for animals and some times people too...

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