Chapter One
Good Morning

Hello, my name is Merlyn McCafferty.
I am a BLACK CAT. I would like tell what
I do everyday it is like a routine but
it seems I always get what I want..

About 5:00 A.M.( or when the sun comes up)
I jump on my owner, Marty or Mary McCafferty.
I do this to wake them up, but if that does not
work I do some other stuff too. Well, like I
lick thier faces, I dive bomb them by jumping
from the back of headboard right on top of them.
Boy!!! They hate that because I use this as my
last resort if they are not letting me outside.

OOPS, I forgot to mention my Big sister, Tammy
McCafferty. "Thanks, Merlyn, 'Meow,'

Hi I am Tammy, I am 10 yrs. old and also a BLACK CAT."
cried Tammy. Merlyn forgets to tell you some
really important stuff like both of us will
be taking all of you on a long journey involving
our Hood. But, right now I want to let you know
that we will try to give you a secret message
every time we start on a new Chapter.

These secrets will have to with wisdom that both
Merlyn and I have found and would like to share
with you. Like the secret for this chapter is..

Be Patient and Kind to everyone including owners.

Well, see you soon .... said Tammy excitely...

Join Merlyn's and Tammy's Adventures in the Hood.

One more thing, I forgot to tell you 'MEOW'
uttered Merlyn...
Here is a picture of me below ...
looking realy scary!!!!!

Here is a picture of Tammy below.....
Looking really scary too!!!!!

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