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Eleventh House

Signs in the Eleventh House
of Friends.

Eleventh House:

This is the House of Friends and Hopes and Wishes.
Unlike its oppsosite {the Fifth House)with its concern
for immediate pleasures, the Eleventh House has to do with
long-term dreams and goals and with intellectual pleasures.

This House governs your involvement with groups and organizations
t that have to do with your work,profession or family.
The clubs, societies, or political associations you belong
to are under its domain.

This House often indicates the kinds of friends and acquaintances
who can best further your interests and objectives in life.
The Eleventh House reflects your ability to enjoy other people.
On its highest level this House represents the harmonious working
together of all people, each one doing what best expresses his or
her individual personality.It is the House oidealism and vision.

First House representsSelf
Second House represents Possession
Third House represents Expressions
Fourth House represents Home
Fifth House represents Pleasure
Sixth House represents Service
Seventh House represents Partners
Eighth House represents Sex
Nineth House represents Exploration
Tenth House represents Career
Eleventh House represents Friends
Twelfth House represents Spirit

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