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Fifth House

Signs in the Fifth House
of Pleasure.

Fifth House:

This is the House of Creativity and Sex.
The Fifth House rules over everthing you do
for pleasure and to express yourself creativity.
Your sexual nature( the most basic creative urge
in your psyche) is a part of its domain.

Children and the joy you receive from them are
goverened by this House. The Fifth House also relates
to entertainment and holidays, amusements and the arts.
It rules love affairs, new undertakings in life, speculation
and gambles, games of chance.

It is the House that expresses your artistic talents as well
as your ability to enjoy yourself in life. In childhood, pets
and playmates are part of this House, for it holds sway over
all the things to which you instinctively give affection.
This is the House of your Heart.

These signs also describe how a person
relates to children. Fifth house signs
give some indirection of one's child
producing potential, although planets
ruling and asperting the fifth house
have great signifigance.

First House representsSelf
Second House represents Possession
Third House represents Expressions
Fourth House represents Home
Fifth House represents Pleasure
Sixth House represents Service
Seventh House represents Partners
Eighth House represents Sex
Nineth House represents Exploration
Tenth House represents Career
Eleventh House represents Friends
Twelfth House represents Spirit

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