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The Eighth House

The Eighth House
of Death and Regeneration

Eighth House:

This is the House of Death and Regeneration.
The Eighth House is one of the three mystical houses
in your natal chart(the others are the Fourth and the
Twelfth), and one of the most difficult to understand.
Sometimes called the House of spiritual transformation,
it rules the life of forces that surround sex, birth,
death, and the afterlife.

It concerns legacies and what you inherit from the dead--
both materially and spiritually. Money that belongs to your
partner, and taxes and debt are also in this House's domain.
The Eighth House may give some indication of the conditions
surrounding your death, although the precise time always
remains a mystery.

Surgery is governed by the this House, since it relates to
regeneration. This is the House of Psychic powers and occult
studies and knowledge.

First House representsSelf
Second House represents Possession
Third House represents Expressions
Fourth House represents Home
Fifth House represents Pleasure
Sixth House represents Service
Seventh House represents Partners
Eighth House represents Sex
Nineth House represents Exploration
Tenth House represents Career
Eleventh House represents Friends
Twelfth House represents Spirit

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