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Fourth House

Signs in the
Fourth House of Home.

Signs that effect the
Fourth House are
descriptive of a persons
approach to family life
and domestic affairs.
This is the House of Home.

The Fourth house governs your
home life-in the past,
the present, and the future.
It indicates the kind
of home you had in childhood
and your relationship with
parents. What you have brought
into this life from your
ancestors is in its domain.
In the present, the Fourth
House relates to the kind of
home you make for yourself.

Fourth House
-- My Moon in Cancer

The Moon is in natural home in Cancer,
For this was the sign that the moon rule.
Here the best qualities of the moon--
devotion, paitience, sensitivity-are evident.
The romantic, intuitive sign of Cancer
and the sensous, receptive
are in harmony with each other.

Moon in Cancer, you have strong
emotions and perceive the world
around your through your feelings rather
than your intellect.

However, because you do not openly
show fealings, it is sometimes
difficult for others to figure out
where they stand with you.

In general, you are more receptive
than active.You store away impressions,
reactions, and information until the,
time comes when you can use them. Lunar-
Cancererians may excels in an
artistic or literary way.
Your best work is done when
you are working at your
Own pace because then it evident
through your creative imagination.

Any impressions that is formulated in
your mind leaves a perminate mark.

Lunar Cancerians are often found
in professions where memory plays
an important role: historians,
teachers, actors, writers are
famous in these walks of life.
You have a flair for drama and the theater.

You are at your best in a
deep committed-love relationship.
Even though, you are motivated strongly
by your feelings, you may be afraid
of your feelingsas well. Very often early
life you go through an emotional trial.
But when at last your secure
your personality blossoms.

The Moon is its sign of dignity, Cancer,
adds depth to the emotions and gives
rise to strong family ties.
An active need to nurture and cherish.

In turn, be approved of and loved is evident.
This placement generates a tendency
to brood and withdraw when hurt;
it also increases Psychic Sensitivity.
The mother is pictured as protector
and home maker who cares deeply for her child.
Throughout life, the individual maintains an on
going interest in home and family.

First House representsSelf
Second House represents Possession
Third House represents Expressions
Fourth House represents Home
Fifth House represents Pleasure
Sixth House represents Service
Seventh House represents Partners
Eighth House represents Sex
Nineth House represents Exploration
Tenth House represents Career
Eleventh House represents Friends
Twelfth House represents Spirit

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