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This Chart is referred as the
Wheel of Fortune. It consists of
Twelve Houses or Sections.
This large wheel can also indicate
different personality types.My
Interpreation of this Wheel of Fortune
will be broken into two segments.

First, I will show how the the entire wheel
encompases and may indicate a certain
personality type.
Second, I will utilize this information
to enhance a better understanding of
the entire person.

The Planetary movement and interaction
with others planets are Interpreted here
in this portion called Planetary
Interaction. The Interpretation utilizes
angular alignments between two planets
and what signigance these planets have when
subject to interpretation. This portion is
very criticle and give undelying possible
personility traits.

My interpretation of the portion of the Sample
consists of the alignment of the Zodaic Signs
with the planetary position.
Each House is divided into these divisions:
(provided there is planetay activity)

1.) House Interpretation
2.) Planetary evolment in House
3.) Planetary evolvement with Zodaic.

Furthermore, I have specificaly placed different
interpretation in the Twelve House below.
Sample interpretation may be viewed by clicking
on the Fourth House.

Please feel free to view other Houses because
I have placed other signigant information pertaing
to each House.

Cost is $20.00 for the entire report,
including Shipping and handeling.
Buy it here at Mystic Garden

First House representsSelf
Second House represents Possessions
Third House represents Expressions
Fourth House represents Home
Fifth House represents Pleasure
Sixth House represents Service
Seventh House represents Partners
Eighth House represents Sex
Nineth House represents Exploration
Tenth House represents Career
Eleventh House represents Friends
Twelfth House represents Spirit

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